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Step 2: Assessment Centers - Employee Counseling Session

Step 2: Assessment Centers - Employee Counseling Session

Battalion Chief Paul Lepore

One of the most challenging parts of any supervisor’s job is dealing with employees. In the fire service we are particularly poor at imposing discipline on our members. Since we live, eat, sleep and work together for long periods of time, supervisors are reluctant to address poor performance. It is important to remember that the fire department is held to the same city policies as gas, water and police departments. These departments are very thorough when it comes to addressing an employee who is lacking in his or her performance. We on the other hand are not.

It is important to know you audience (raters). Regardless where they are from, chief officers expect aspiring officers to coach, counsel, and document substandard performance. It is imperative that you use the 8-step process to handle a troubled employee.

Step 3: Oral Presentations

Step 1: Plan for Promotion

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