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9 Reasons EMS Rules

Kayla Baxter | FireLink


#6: For Your Loved Ones

Being the medically inclined one in the family means that everyone calls you, asking what this rash is, or what those pounding headaches mean, or “Can you come over right away!? Bobby swallowed his toy!” Then again, the reason they call you is because of a deep respect and trust of your knowledge. It’s a very special, rewarding, and sacred gift to be able to help those you love the most.

#5: A Job for Life

EMS is one of those professions that never stops giving. You learn new things every day, and the technology is always changing, making for one heck of a ride. Why do you think so many first responders have been at it for 15+ years? Not to mention, the opportunity for growth (both professionally and personally) is almost unlimited.

#4: The Sincerest Thanks You’ll Ever Get

Sure, EMTs have to deal with a lot of crap (literally and figuratively) and sometimes you’ll have to deal with some really hostile people. But sometimes, when you’re just doing your job, some of those nightmare calls will do a complete 180 and grab your hand and whisper, “Thank you.” Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

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