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9 Reasons EMS Rules

Kayla Baxter | FireLink

#9: The Challenge

Almost everyone who says they love their job mentions the challenge as an important part of it. Problem solving and putting valued skills to good use are just a few of the ways that EMTs find fulfillment. Of course, the challenge can sometimes cause a few problems, but that’s where the next thing we love about emergency medical service comes in…

#8: The Sense of Humor

An odd and often dark sense of humor develops between rescue personnel. Hysterical bouts of laughter between calls and tons of weird and gross inside jokes are what keeps everyone sane, and distinguishes just one more thing about being a first responder that sets us apart from the pack. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work.

#7: The Uniform

It’s a lot better than a monkey suit and tie. Enough said!

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