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How to Shake Off the Mistakes

How to Shake Off the Mistakes

Ethan Vizitei

Tip 5: Don’t Repeat It

This one is simple. Making a mistake is one thing, we all do it. Twice with the same mistake? You might start getting looks, but no big deal as long as you’re sufficiently embarrassed about it. Repeating the same error over and over shows either a careless disregard for instruction, or an intolerable inability to learn.

Either one is a problem and could prove dangerous on a scene. Don’t beat yourself up over your mistakes, but take them to heart when they happen.

You won’t be getting any sympathy if you can’t show that you’re at least trying to get better.

I want to make one point here before closing. These tips are meant to equip you for dealing with and learning from your MISTAKES.

There are certain things that you can do that don’t have any excuse. Reckless emergency driving, freelancing at a fire, things like that aren’t mistakes, they’re just stupid.

But for most foul-ups that originate with you, keeping this list in mind will make sure that you don’t let it hurt you personally, and that ultimately you and everyone who learns from you can benefit from an otherwise embarrassing experience.