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Sample Oral Board Questions


How Would You Handle the Following Scenarios?

• How will you counter drinking or drugs on the job?

• How to deal with an employee crisis at an emergency?

• Conflicting orders at an emergency situation

• How to handle an irate citizen?

• What will you do if you have a report about someone stealing on the job?

• How do you handle a conflict with another employee?

• Racial situations

• Question about Sexual harassment at workplaces..

• . What will you do if your senior gave you an order that could place you in great danger or be morally wrong?

• When do you expect to start working if you are offered the job?

• What would you do if another city called you for the job?

• How do you answer a question you have no idea about?

• At what level do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

• What qualities should a firefighter have? What qualities do you have?

• Have you ever been in an emergency situation? Tell us what you did

• Why should we prefer you over the other candidates?

• How do you handle a conflict of interest?

• What word would you use to describe yourself in a positive way? A Negative way?

• Do you have any else to say?

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