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The Final Interview: Passing the Oral Boards

The Final Interview: Passing the Oral Boards

Printed with permission by Paul Julian

Making Use of Personal Experiences

One way to really impress those giving your oral interview is to utilize personal experiences in answering your questions. Give examples, if you can. If you have experience in the firefighting business, even if it was just in the office filing papers-make use of it! Do so without being cocky or overconfident, but showing them that you have learned from past experiences-even if they were negative. Personal growth scores points with interviewers in every job field, not just for the oral board exam.

As you are looking to be a part of the firefighting program in your community, keep in mind that you are one of more than you could possibly imagine. It is more important than ever to be as prepared as possible for the various facets of the application process as possible, including the oral board interview. You can pass the physical agility test and written exam with flying colors, but without a good score on your oral interview you can easily be passed over for the next person.

If you want the chance to put your hand into putting out the fires of the world, act like it. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Gather all of the information you can on how to become a firefighter and get all of the help you can get. Practice your interview with those who support your endeavors and show up to your firefighter interview calm, cool and collected.

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