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The Final Interview: Passing the Oral Boards

The Final Interview: Passing the Oral Boards

Printed with permission by Paul Julian


In the past half a century, the role of firefighters has changed a great deal. There was a time when the business of fighting fires was not as involved as it is today. The job mainly consisted of was cleaning fire engines, taking care of the station and answering phones, and then rushing to an emergency when duty called.

While there was no firefighter oral board interview or physical agility test to worry about, the job was a great deal more dangerous back then and protective safety gear was virtually nonexistent.

While you may be undergoing firefighter training right now, wishing that you could go back to the days when getting into the industry that you love was so much easier, you are much better off living in the present day-at least as far as the firefighter business is concerned.

Competition is Tougher than Ever Before

These days, becoming a fireman is about more than the necessary training. There are three main parts to the preparation and application process. Not including initial education and training, these are:

The Written Test

The Physical Agility Test

The Oral Board Exam

The oral exam is the deal breaker for many firefighting candidates. This is the equivalent of the job interview for a traditional job, and is even more important. Yes it is true; the written test and the physical agility test are extremely important facets of the overall application process, but the oral interview is what gets you your badge or not.

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