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5 Steps to Becoming a Paramedic: Introduction

5 Steps to Becoming a Paramedic: Introduction

So, You Want to Be a Paramedic?

Be warned: it takes sacrifice, long hours, horrible weather conditions, heavy lifting, being bled and spat upon, and exposed to who knows how many bodily fluids from…we’ll just let you imagine. Still interested? Then let’s continue, because in actuality this is can be one of the most rewarding jobs available.

As a Paramedic, you have a genuine opportunity to help alleviate people’s suffering. There is little out there more rewarding than delivering a baby, or seeing an elderly person or child who is scared begin to trust you. Nothing beats being able to make someone’s pain go away. While you may not have many occasions to save a life, you will on occasion make the difference between life and death.

Since you are reading this there is a good chance that you have already taken the first step by becoming an EMT. If that is the case, you are already a third of the way there!. If not, your first step is to take an EMT class and become a volunteer with the local recue squad, fire department, CERT team or any number of organizations which use medical providers, including hospitals.

So lets continue. I’m going to “borrow” from Battalion Chief Paul Lepore’s exceptional essay “The 5 Steps to Becoming a Firefighter” but add my own EMS slant.

Step 1: Learn About the Craft >>