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How to Ace Your Job Application

Some additional guidelines:

If you fill out your application by hand:

• Use blue or black ink.

• Print legibly. The only cursive should be your signature.

• If you make a mistake, draw a single horizontal line through the item to be corrected.

If you fill out your application with a typewriter:

• Do your very best to actually type on the lines provided. This can be extremely difficult, as many of today’s forms are not designed with a typewriter in mind.

• If at all possible, use a typewriter with built-in correction abilities.

• Mark “check boxes” with a single X.

If you fill out your application electronically:
• There shouldn’t be any mistakes – period.

• If you scanned the document yourself, make certain it is “square” on the page.

• When printing the finished application, make sure you have enough ink/toner to produce a crisp, professional looking document.

If you follow all of these recommendations, and actually meet the requirements of job, you will successfully complete the first step in your quest to be a firefighter.

While the lack of information on “how to complete an employment application” is what prompted me to write this article and while all other phases of the testing process are well documented, I would also like to share some information that will assist you with the remainder of the test.

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