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How to Ace Your Job Application

There are two pages of space for “previous work experience.” Use as many as you need. If there aren’t enough, follow the directions at the top; and use additional pages. Don’t say “See Resume”. This application requires that you list ALL employers; not just those that demonstrate that you have related work experience. Make sure you account for any time when you weren’t working, by using one of the “Employer” boxes for each period of inactivity. List the employer as “None”, list the date (range) of unemployment, describe your duties as applicable – i.e. “Attending College, looking for work, etc.” Also, use care when completing the “reason for leaving” field. Don’t be dishonest; but don’t bash your previous employer either.

I have highlighted the entirety of the “references” section, because people regularly do not fill this out appropriately. You MUST have three (3) references; and they CANNOT be a relative or previous employer. Be sure to select people that can actually answer meaningful questions about you; and, of course, get their permission first. While “Other Comments” aren’t required, don’t leave the area blank. If you have nothing to add, say so. Finally, make sure you sign and date the application. While this might strike you as obvious, I have rejected many applications that were not signed.

While the pages shown represent the application from a particular employer, most employment applications are going to require the same kinds of information. Should you encounter something that wasn’t covered here, follow the same basic precepts – i.e. leave nothing blank, be thorough, provide everything that is asked for; and only that which is asked for.

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