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How to Ace Your Job Application

Again, this is pretty straight forward. Provide an answer for every space. If something isn’t applicable say so. My City requires a HS Diploma or GED for all job classifications. Even so, this application should have a “None” box. If a section provides “check boxes”, and doesn’t have the option the covers your situation – write it in. Also, even though this application states that “Applicants may be asked to furnish copies of transcript,” don’t take that at face value. Refer to the job announcement. If the announcement indicates that you need to submit proof at the time of application, do so.

This section is a huge stumbling block. Especially the area listed in yellow. I realize that prospective firefighters would be hard pressed to fit all of their certificates in the space provided. Because of this, many candidates are tempted to put “See Resume” in this section. There are two problems with that approach. First, if you go back to the beginning of this application, it indicates that your resume is only acceptable as “additional information,” and the job announcement clearly states that all required experience, education, certificates and licenses must be clearly documented in the application. So, at a minimum, this area has to show that you possess the minimum certifications for the job. I actually had an extremely qualified candidate put N/A in this box…

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