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How to Ace Your Job Application

What follows, are some examples of typical problem areas:

I can’t count the number of applications I have received that have included a resume, but didn’t provide the necessary information on the application. Remember when I said “create or update your resume?” It wasn’t so you could include your resume with your application, it was because referring to your resume is the easiest way to make sure you have all the information that you need to put on the application. Oh, and if you decide to include your resume, make sure you update the cover page to reflect the name of the hiring authority. While I won’t reject your application for stating “Dear Chief of someone else’s department I really want to work for someone else’s city,” if you make it to the oral interview, the evaluators will see your application; and you can rest assured THEY will take issue with that particular faux pas.

Write something in EVERY space. If you don’t have an email address – put NONE. If you have never worked using a different name – put N/A (not applicable) or DNA (does not apply). Pay special attention to the areas marked in yellow. While a “yes” answer won’t necessarily preclude you from getting hired; a “blank” will definitely cause your application to be rejected. Also, pay special attention to the “let us know if you have moved” sentence. I absolutely guarantee that we aren’t going to provide special accommodations for a candidate that misses a deadline because of “late mail.”

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