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How to Ace Your Job Application

The last portion of the testing process usually consists of one, or more, oral interviews. There are also a large number of, firefighter-specific resources available to help with this stage of the examination. Invest in one, study it, use the information you learn.

Since “how to pass the interview” guides are everywhere, I am not going to offer any specific pointers; except one: “Dress for success!” Consider this:

A recent recruitment had one candidate arrive wearing jeans and a sweater, that candidate failed the oral interview by a single point. Ask yourself these questions:

“Do you think it is possible that at least one evaluator might have given this candidate one additional point?”

“Do you think it is possible that each evaluator might have scored the candidate several points higher?”

I guarantee you that the answer to the first question is “yes,” and the answer to the second question is very likely “yes” as well. This anecdote gets worse. The candidate went into the oral interview, ranked as number one; and left the interview, disqualified.

Again, I am not guaranteeing you a badge; but if you follow my advice, you:

• Won’t fail the first part of the test (the application) due to a technicality

• Will be better prepared for the written examination; and

• Will generally be better prepared for the testing process.

I look forward to reviewing your, complete and accurate, employment applications in the future.