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Topic: Preparing to Become an EMT


Q: Any advice as in what to get used to, how to react, and what to study (i.e. math?)

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A: For EMT, basic math is OK. Paramedic is more involved and you go a little further than basic math. Remember, the answers to those math problems will have a positive or negative effect on someone’s life. Being good at it is a must. As for the what to get used to and how to react……time and experience are the best training. Try to third ride with an EMS provider if possible. If you know anyone who works in emergency services, they may be able to help with that. They may also know some of the personnel at the services. Some crews are better to ride with than others. Exposure to different types of incidents is the best way. It also allows you to see how the “seasoned” responders conduct themselves.

A: Getting experience by riding third with an EMS provider will also give you some insight on what is really involved in being an EMT, and you will know pretty quickly if it’s something you really want to do. A lot you see as a bystander or on TV doesn’t tell the whole story of what goes on at scenes. Finding a volunteer dept to join or one with an explorer program will help you out with experience, training, as well as people who may take you under their wing.

A: Anatomy always helps. First aid, CPR (required), first responder is also relevant. Take the class at night at a community college and study hard. Practice AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE once you have your skills packet.

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