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Q&A Feature: How Do I Become a Firefighter?

Q&A Feature: How Do I Become a Firefighter?


Words of Wisdom

Sandy2502 – A little more advice. As you go through fire school. Always stay a chapter ahead of the class. Then the class becomes a review and Highlighting becomes easier. Be careful of the Dept. A-holes. We all have them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and orders if you feel it is unsafe. If they are talking FF-ize and you don’t understand. Stop and ask for an English translation. Sometimes we forget. I found out the hard way when I first moved here from NY. Quick story; I worked nights at the time and I was on my way home from the Hospital. I came up on a MVA. I did my assessment, got on the radio and said the following. County fire, I have an MVA times 4, Tool job on 2, need Buses in a rush for 6 10-45’s. 1-1, 2-2’s & 3, 3’s. I got back a loud HUH?

Now the Alabama translation: 4 car wreck with entrapment in 2 vehicles. Need ambulances Code 3 for 6 patients. 1 pt. priority 1, 2 pt. priority 2, 3 pt. priority 3.

I still like my way better.

WEESNER7700 – I found this online. It helped a firefighter with her exam for FF1. Please look through it. It offers so many different classes.

Sandy2502 – If you live in an area with a volunteer dept. start there. See if they have a Juniors dept. or explorers post. You should be able old enough to join. As far as education. At this time of fire service evolution, you will eventually need to get a degree in Fire Science, or Public Admin. to run rank. As a side note, it is the best job there is. Do know why the good Lord made Firefighters? So cops could have heros.

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